Yantai Darbond Technology Ltd. exhibited excellently in SNEC 10th Shanghai Solar PV Exhibition.
time : 07-20-2016 10:15:00  

SNEC 10th (2016)international solar energy industry & PV project(Shanghai)exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 24th May. Over 1500 enterprises joined the exhibition from all over the world and there were more than 200,000 person-time attracted. SNEC is one of the top professional PV expo which shows us not only manufacturing facilities, materials, PV cells, but also PV engineering systems, intelligent control, overall monitoring, energy storage efficiency containing each part of PV industry. SNEC has become the most powerful PV expo, leading international PV frontiers of technology and development trend in nowadays.

Yantai Darbond attend the expo with PV module frame sealing tapes, semi-automatic tape equipments, butyl tapes and a variety of new border protection products which have a quick and practical efficient and cost saving, environmental protection and other advantages and therefore excited many Chinese and foreign people's attention. Darbond has received the domestic and international photovoltaic industry experts agree that many well-known enterprises have come to discuss business.

Yantai Darbond has been dedicated to photovoltaic enterprises to provide a safe, reliable and durable adhesive seal integration for many years. Yantai Darbond participated in formulation of the SEMIPV61-0115 (PV module sealing tape) and the international standard CQC with the first domestic photovoltaic module for (Tapes’ technical specification for terrestrial PV sealing) which were issued in Jan. 2015. We can provide new competitiveness and vitality for the development of PV market.


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